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November 3, 2011 § 4 Comments

Smart PLS is great (though not for Macs) but like any piece of statistical software, there´s a learning curve. If you´re struggling to get started, consider turning to these videos for help. They´re offered by the Georgia R School for free. They also offer rather accessible courses on PLS and R online.

Tutorial 1. How to Draw a Basic SmartPLS Path Model

Tutorial 2. Estimating the Basic SmartPLS Path Model

Tutorial 3. Bootstrapping, R-squared, Path Effects and SmartPLS Result Reports

Tutorial 4. Other SmartPLS Features

Tutorial 5. How To Obtain SmartPLS Path Modeling Software for Structural Equation Modeling

If you have access to more tutorials, feel free to share them. Knowledge is power!

PLS Path Modelling Software

September 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I’ve been working a bit with PLS path modelling these months and got to know quite a few software packages, so I thought I would go ahead and share it with everyone. So far, the package I found most useful is the SmartPLS one, mostly because it has a safety feature in terms of the data you can import (which showed me some errors with my own data). If you’re planning on using PLS path modelling, this list might come in handy.

1. SmartPLS


Availability: need to register for an account and wait about 24 hours until you can download the software. Mac & Windows.

Functionality: very user-friendly; easy to interpret results.

Support: great active forum that gives access to a lot of resources and explains how to use the software.

2. PLS-Graph


Availability: a free academic version was made available this summer. If you want to use it, you would need to write an email to the developers and wait for them to give you access to the software. Not sure if a Mac version is available.

Functionality: user-friendly, but it does have some special requirements (e.g. in terms of saving outputs); once you understand how to fix those, it all runs smoothly.

Support: there is no forum on the main website. Some resources are made available, but you might need more.

3. WarpPLS


Availability: free 3-month trial; afterwards a one-year license is $65; Windows based

Functionality: good user-interface and step-by-step process

Support: video tutorials explain most of the functions of the program and further materials are also provided on the website.

4. R


Availability: free. Available for Mac & Windows platforms.

Functionality: more a programming software package than a statistics one. Need to install some additional packages when you get started. Difficult to set up and learn the basic commands in the beginning, but does have some advanced functions. Syntax-based so the user-interface is limited.

Support: Plenty of online forums and communities that can help with your questions. Trust me, you will have questions (needed about 1 hour to understand how to use a data file for my analysis)

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